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Company Philosophy


We at Doorbhash International firmly believe in this philosophy. This philosophy has guided us over the past decade. Innumerable instances in the past decade have shown us that following the truth in all our business decisions has been rewarded with customer satisfaction and continuous orders.

History of Doorbhash International

We at Doorbhash International have been manufacturing and supplying promotional bags for more than a decade to many international brand names such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, KFC, American Express, GE & WWF in India. We have been exporting to the US and Europe our range of bags for the past five years. Our current range of bags is made from various materials including Cotton canvas polyester, nylon & handmade paper.

Vision of Doorbhash International

We now have a vision for the coming decades. It focuses upon the twin criteria's we have set before us. The first criteria being that all bags manufactured and sold by us would be as eco-friendly as possible. The second criteria being that we would strive towards being a company that adheres to creative capitalism.

We are targeting to make our full range of bags eco-friendly in one way or the other.

Our organic cotton bags,would use the cotton being grown in organic farms that do not use any pesticides or chemicals, the dyes used in dying all our eco- friendly bags would also be eco-friendly, the screen printing inks used in printing the artwork would also eco-friendly. We would in fact strive to ensure that all the components used in the manufacturing of our bags contribute least to damaging the environment.

Our range of handmade paper bags, would offer the client the opportunity to use a bag made from recycled waste material. Though made from waste these bags are very strong. Infact almost 4 times as strong as mill made paper bags. Available in a flamboyant range of colours & designs, they truly need to be seen to be believed.

When we say that our bags would adhere to Creative Capitalism we mean that our company manufactures bags keeping in mind the needs and requirements of all our workers, and also the needs and requirements of the billions of people in the world who are unable to make both ends meet. All our bags contribute to enriching the wealth of those who have not yet benefited from the riches of capitalism. Our company contributes to the upliftment of those who cannot fend for themselves.
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